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Ital Fine Dining
  • Ital Fine Dining

    Experience Al Fresco Dining on the original Stush in the Bush Farm.


    A breathtaking landscape, where things move slowly, and luxury resides in simplicity and a connection to the earth.  Walk the grounds along with the owners as you harken back to ancestral origins, when plants were your medicine, and the earth’s bounty your food.  

    Engage your senses with the herbs, spices, fruits, birds, flowers, and ornamentals.  Plant some seeds or a tree to greet you on your return.  Take in the sweeping views of Jamaica’s north coast, and the beauty of the hills simultaneously.  


    Then sit down to a lovingly prepared meal that highlights the local, weaves simple flavors into joy on a plate, and brings you back to what real food tastes like.

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