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Mental Health Meets Maddest Life: 2023 Healing Adventure

Mental Health Meets Maddest Life: 2023 Healing Adventure

"Mental Health Meets Maddest Life

The Healing Adventure: What To Expect


It's been a rough few years since the pandemic. Everyone has gone through it. Now, it's time to heal and elevate. But.... who says healing has to be boring?


Mental Health meets Maddest Life is an immersive social, cultural and mental health program in the form of an exhilarating eco-adventure.


Get mental health support in Jamaica while being surrounded by nature, reconnecting with your roots, and enjoying the maddest Caribbean vibes the island of Jamaica has to offer. From holistic healing, bond fires, and therapy sessions, to river rafting, waterfalls, mud massages, mineral hot springs, surfing, and hiking to the top of the Blue Mountain peak.


This is the once-in-a-lifetime adventure you have been waiting for. Go tell your friends. #MaddestLife


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December 2023: waiting list opening summer 2023

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I missed the deadline! Can I still come on the adventure?

    To be added to our waiting list, send a message to 876-325-9503 on WhatsApp and we will contact you if there are any cancellations. Otherwise, you will have to wait until our next adventure.


    When will the next adventure be starting and ending?

    The adventure will begin and end in Kingston, Jamaica from Dec 14, 2023 at 1:00 PM EST to Dec 23, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST


    I am someone living in Jamaica - can I get JMD pricing?

    Sure! Send a message with proof of current residency and citizenship to 1-876-325-9503 on WhatsApp, and we will arrange a discounted local package for you. 


    I'm a member of TVOC Network - do I get special perks?

    Yes. For TVOC Network members interested in participating in the healing adventure, send an e-mail to for incentivized packages. To learn more about TVOC Network visit


    Can I join the adventure after it starts, or leave before it ends?

    Absolutely. You are free to join and leave the adventure at your leisure. We are happy to arrange your custom charter with Maxi Tours, a reputable tourism transportation company in Jamaica. Please be reminded that any custom travel arrangements are at an additional  expense.


    How do I request custom transportation, accomodation, or activities?

    After you add this adventure to your cart, check out our "Custom Adventures" section and customize your vacation accordingly. Or you can send us a message on WhatsApp 1-876-325-9503 and we will be more than happy to assist in customizing your trip for you. 


    Where should I be on the adventure start date?

    The adventure is starting in Kingston, Jamaica. The recommended airport is Norman Manley International in Kingston, St Andrew. We recommend arriving in Kingston the day before the adventure in the event of traffic or flight delays. You may also choose Sangster International which is located in Montego Bay, St James; however, please be advised that there is a minimum 4 hour travel time in between Montego Bay and Kingston. 


    Where will I be sleeping during the adventure?

    This is an outdoor tent camping adventure that will include camping at multiple locations. We will be crossing Kingston, St Thomas, Portland, St Mary, and St Ann. Upgrading to cabins and rooms is possible for an additional fee at the individual campsites. We encourage those interested in upgrading to do so in advance; space is very limited.  


    Will I have my own camping tent? Can I share a tent?

    There are single, double, and multi-tents available. For specific needs, be sure to request this when making your reservation. First-come, first-serve.


    What are the bathroom facilities?

    Each campsite we visit will have a source of running water, although not all sources of water will be indoors. In the instance no indoor plumbing is available, portable flushable toilets with hand washing stations will be located onsite. Get ready to bathe at a healing hot spring! #MaddestLife All upgraded accomodation options will have access to indoor plumbing.


    Can I see the adventure itinerary?

    For security measures, we do not give out the itinerary unless a reservation has been made. Thank you for your understanding. After reservation confirmation, partial itineraries are provided to guests. The full itinerary is released two weeks prior to the beginning of the retreat.


    When do the activities start?

    The activities start as soon as you board the bus. We have a fully active schedule including therapeutic lessons, adrenaline rushes, and calming experiences. Prepare to step into a different reality once you start walking with our healing community.


    Will there be WiFi on the adventure?

    While most campsites are in good reception zones, there are many dead zones in Jamaica so it is impossible to guarantee. We recommend activating a local SIM with a service plan on your personal device for best chances  - don't have a local SIM card? No problem. Ask one of our staff for a hotspot from the TVOC portable internet to get access. Usage fees apply.


    What can I expect to eat during the adventure?

    We have prepared an array of authentic Jamaican cuisine to serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the days we give our chefs a break, we visit our favourite local restaurants, where your meal is pre-purchased as part of the package. From ackee and salt fish and rasta pasta to jerk burgers and pepper pot, there is something for everyone. Ital living and meat-lovers alike.


    What should I bring on the adventure?

    Travel pillow

    Travel blanket

    Headlamp / flashlight

    Toiletries and hair care

    ATV clothes & long socks

    ATV shoes / Riding boots

    Running / hiking shoes

    Rain coat 

    Warm coat / pullovers Water shoes

    Swim wear

    Quick dry towel


    Electronic chargers

    Power bank

    Favourite snacks

    Water bottle


    Insect repellent

    Spending and tip money

    Personal comforts


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    I have a question about the adventure that is not listed, how do I get an answer?

    Check out the "Questions/Policies" page or shoot us a message on WhatsApp at 1-876-325-9503 for more information.

Option: Jamaican Gold: Adventure Package
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